Australian star David Wenham – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Australian star David Wenham, who was nominated for best actor for his outstanding performance in ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ spoke with us at the Jameson If Awards.

SR. Hi David, always a pleasure to talk to you. Are you nervous waiting for the results of the night?

DW. Hi, nice to see you guys. Yeah there is always this feeling when you are nominated for something like this, and I think the competition is very strong this year, which is good, because that means the industry is also doing well. I think Josh (Lucas) also did a great job so will be good to see who is the winner.

SR. Speaking about the Australian film industry, what would you say is the future for it?

DW. I think we have great Australians representing us around the world right now like Hugh (Jackman), Chris Hemsworth and others. I think the things for the industry is looking pretty well, just look around here and see how amazing are the films nominated this year.

SR. You have been involved in so many projects, animation, movies and now your new tv show. What kind of projects you enjoy the most?

DW. I really enjoy all of them, as far as they are interesting and with a good story to tell I’m in. However, I haven`t done a comedy in long time and I would love to be part in one soon, I miss that.

SR. A comedy role like the one you did in Van Helsing?

DW. Yeah, but that one was so long time ago, I need something fresh and different…really want to do a comedy. I’m very funny you know? ha ha ha.