‘Sanctum’ star Richard Roxburgh – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Walking the green carpet of Jameson If Awards in Sydney, was Australian actor Richard Roxburgh, famous for his role in  ‘Sanctum‘ with James Cameron as well as for his roles in ‘Van Helsing’, ‘Mission: Impossible 2’ and the tv show ‘Rake’.

SR. Hi Richard, nice to meet you. As an Australian actor, with all your experience what would you say is the future for our film industry, especially after hits like ‘Red Dog’ and the production of ‘Gatsby’ here in Oz?

RR. Mmm…good question…From my point of view, the Australian film industry is a kind of up and down, which depends of many factors, for example the season and the kind of budget a project gets. You know is not a big industry to be honest, i think is a little industry and that is what is loveable about it, because with not much we aimed a lot and the results are there now. Is hard to forecast something, but i think if it continues like this it will survive, because we have fascinating developers and great talent here.

SR. This is a kind of personal question, because we are big James Cameron fans…how was to work with him in ‘Sanctum’?

RR. James is fantastic, he is just great…everytime he came on set…i must say, it wasn`t many times…he was a really welcomed presence. He understood actors, directors, letting us work with freedom, as he was absolutely aware of the rigors of what we were doing. James is a terrific person to work with.

SR. Just to finish, we know you have been in a break lately from films…However, just wondering if you have any favourite aussie film to win today?

RR. As you said, I`ve been in a break, taking a sabbatical from all, cos i did too many things the last too years, so I`ll be honest saying i wanted all to win, because I haven`t seen any of the films yet, but i will.