‘Red Dog’ producer Nelson Woss – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Continuing with our ‘Red Dog’ coverage at the Jameson If Awards in Sydney, we also spoke with the producer of the film Nelson Woss, who walked the red carpet alongside the canine star of the film “Koko” the dog and his trainer Luke Hura.

SR. Hi Guys, first of all as we said to everyone we just wanna congratulate you for the success of the film in Australia. Speaking about this success, can you tell us as a producer, what was your reaction when the film broke the box office here in Australia?

NW. We just were thrilled that people went to cinemas to see it, as the box office grew and grew was a very satisfying thing for us.

SR. As we asked to the director Kriv Stenders, what would you say is the forecast for the Aussie film industry?

NW. I think we are in good shape, and Red Dog is a proof of it, that people wanna see good Australian stories, and that will make our industry to grow giving us the possibility of doing more movies.

SR. We can`t avoid to notice how well train is Koko, how was the experience to work with a canine star like him?

NW. It was amazing to work with Koko, he is a real professional, and with a great trainer like Luke, who did an amazing job all this time.