‘Modern Family’ star Ariel Winter – Interview at the Jameson If Awards

Modern family’ star, Ariel Winter was one of the international guest stars at the Jameson If Awards in Sydney. We have the chance to talk to her, and she was extremely nice and very talkative sharing with us about her next project and her excitement of climbing the Harbour Bridge early that day.

SR. Hi Ariel, very nice to meet you and welcome to Australia. What have you seen of Australia so far?

AW. Nice to meet you too guys…I`m so excited to be here!. I’m having a great time so far, I`ve seen Manly, I`ve been around the city…but the best was the Bridge Climb, that was amazing, so much fun, and it gives you a beautiful view of the city.

SR. Speaking about your show, Modern Family and your role as Alex…what would you say is the best part of being part of it, especially with all the awards the show got and for sure will get again?

AW. Oh, the show is a lot of fun, you know is not the typical comedy-show…is something different, there is something new every day and situations on and outside the set that made us laugh and being close to each other.

SR. That remind us, when we meet Eric Stonestreet, who was here while ago, he was such a funny and nice guy…is hard for you to don`t laugh while filming with people like him next to you?

AW. yes! is hard but i love it, because you wanna laugh all the time, Eric is just great, as well as the entire team, even the people working backstage is nice and funny, work in a show like this is something  that can surprise you everyday, and there is some improvisation too, because some great jokes sometimes just came out.

SR. Just to finish, what is next for you?…any new projects around?

AW. Well I`m pretty much focused on ‘Modern Family’, but I have some animation projects around too in the works, and I`m very excited about that too.