[V] Guerilla Gig tomorrow in Sydney: UK’s Ed Sheeran

The Channel [V] Guerilla Gigs are hitting Sydney on Tuesday with British superstar Ed Sheeran!

To find out further information about this all ages FREE gig, check out vmusic.com.au or the [V] Music Facebook page.

[V] Guerilla Gigs can happen with any artist, anywhere, anytime. Channel [V] has toured the country with the likes of the Good Charlotte, The Ting Tings, John Butler Trio, and Jebediah.

About Ed Sheeran
Despite his rapid rise in the public’s eye from couch surfer to international superstar, Ed is still the modest music maker he started out as. His words are genuinely rooted in reality, with no shame, no bravado, just pure honesty. His talents are comparable with the likes of John Butler, Josh Pyke and others, Ed Sheeran is not just another singer/songwriting sensation, Ed Sheeran is THE voice of the next generation.

[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c4BLVznuWnU]

ALBUM ‘+’ IS OUT 23 SEPT 2011
SINGLE “You Need Me, I Don’t need You” added to triplej, out Sept 9
SINGLE “A Team” added to NOVA ATB, out Sept 9