Tijuana Panthers ‘Wayne Interest’ – Album Review

SoCal’s Tijuana Panthers are back with their third studio offering,‘Wayne Interest’ . This release blends 60s surf stomp with reverb-heavy garage punk to produce 40-odd minutes of seriously catchy tunes. Produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, The Black Keys), this is the album you want on your next road trip, or as the backdrop to your next beach party.

‘Four Horseman’ kicks things off with a punchy beat and punk guitars. From the head-nodding hooks of ‘Torpedo’ and ‘Fired’ through to the mellower grooves of standout track ‘NOBO,’ and doo-wop closer, ‘Car Crash’, guitarist Chad Wachtel infuses each number with sophisticated, yet spare, retro stylings. Phil Shaheen provides a rock-solid backbeat and Daniel Michicoff brings snappy basslines that drive numbers such as the rockin’ ‘Cherry Street’ and laidback ‘Dark Matter.’ Instantly appealing and filled with genre-hopping goodness, ‘Wayne Interest’ is one of those albums that you can put on repeat and listen to for hours.

‘Wayne Interest’ is set for release in Australia on July 11th, via Innovative Leisure/ Create/Control.