The Pretty Reckless Release New Song ‘Death by Rock and Roll’

Returning to the scene for the first time in four years, The Pretty Reckless seem to be making a return to their dark, powerful and seductive brand of rock that they are known best for. Their new single ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ is exactly what their fans have been eagerly awaiting. Released on May 15, it’s already making waves. And of course, it is! It’s been four years since their last record, Who You Selling For!

‘Death by Rock and Roll’ is catchy, it’s sexy and it rocks! It’s TPR at their very best; the song feels like a direct sequel to 2014’s ‘Heaven Knows’. While their bluesy change for their last record showed us just how much this young singer is capable of, their return to earlier roots is so damn welcome as it showcases Taylor’s vocals at their grungiest. They were the thing that helped her break away from her ‘Little J’ image. And Taylor has left her Gossip Girl days far behind. It’s hard to believe it’s the same woman.

While this new song isn’t yet one of my favourites, I’m absolutely sure it will make its way there. And if this song is anything to go by, their new album is going to be epic.

If you haven’t checked out the song yet, head to their website to check it out: