The Omnific ‘Kismet’ Review!

The Omnific are a little trio hailing from Melbourne and have been their debut EP dropped yesterday and if you’re a fan of bands like Sleepmakeswaves and 65daysofstatic, Kismet is one for you. With two basses and a drum set, as minimal as the line-up is there is nothing slight about this record.

In today’s music it seems that there is a recent rise in instrumental bands, when we live in a world that words seem to take over, to have music still be able to evoke a strong sense of passion and emotion without vocalists or lyrics has been such a breath of fresh air, and this record falls into that category.

Kismet as a whole is a plethora of delicate instrumental compositions of a prog and djent realm.  It entices a whimsical feeling comprised of magical melody lines and beats that reset my hearts one which have this amazing ability to somehow story tell. From the first track Proem, when the basses’ come in after a sweet intro (which reminded me of the soft patter of rain), my head was bopping and grooving to the beat and this continued throughout.

Every song on the record has something to offer, and it may take a while to be able to decipher between as a lot of the tracks are very similar sounding, but after a few listens the beauty really starts to seep through. Personal favourite of mine was track 6; Condemned. The way the guitars mix and mingle with each other to bring forth this flow of emotive and passionate almost call and response melody. It’s honestly just a beautiful piece.

One word to sum up this record is potential, as incredible and moving as it is, I cannot wait to see where The Omnific will take their skills and see what their next record has to give. I will definitely be suggesting this as a Christmas gift for your music and metal loving friends.