The Dandy Warhols ‘Distortland’ album review!

The Dandy Warhols are a band that stems from Portland, Oregan, and their new album Distortland is something of a perfect sound track for a road trip. Their sweet neo-psychedelia grooves, fused with garage rock, could almost give whomever listening the nostaligic feelings of the beach and the long car drives home after a long day of swimming. The guitar licks through each song, notably Pope Reverand Jim and You Are Killing Me makes it hard for one to stop their head, let alone their whole body to bop along.

It does get almost a tad repetative throughout the core of the album, where one who is not a fan of the genres, up until track 8; All The Girls In London which has a moreso pop influence which breaks up the staticy constance which is does come to.

Distortland is an aquired taste, possibly with someone with quite the liking or quite the patience to endure this whole album. For us, listening in bits is better than the whole album is one go.

Listen to You Are Killing Me below!

Distortland out now!