The Chemical Brothers ‘Don’t Think’ Documentary To Premiere On Channel [V]

Channel [V] is taking you on a mind bending journey to reach new heights in audio visual euphoria with the exclusive premiere of THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS ‘DON’T THINK’ – the first concert documentary from the legendary UK electro duo.

For nearly two decades, The Chemical Brothers’ spectacular live show has been performed to packed houses and festivals across the globe, but it has never been documented. Until now. In 2011, at iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, The Chemical Brothers’ headline set, in front of 50,000 fans, was captured on 21 cameras. The result is 90mins of psychedelic sensory overload.

Premiering Sunday 13 May at 9:00pm, this exclusive documentary, directed by Adam Smith, takes you onstage with the maestros at work, but also immerses you in the frenzied crowd. With the strobing pulse of basslines and lights, you feel as though you’re there amongst it as The Chemical Brothers charge through track after track including Galvanize, Block Rockin’ Beats, Horse Power, Star Guitar and Hey Boy Hey Girl.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS ‘DON’T THINK’ is nothing short of a spectacle that has you feeling the show rather than merely watching it. Experience what it’s all about Sunday 13 May at 9:00pm on Channel [V].

Australian TV Premiere
Sunday 13 May at 9:00pm
Exclusive to Channel

Encore Screenings:
Wednesday 16 May at 11.00pm, Friday 12 May at 12.00pm, Sunday 20 May at 11:00pm