The Amity Affliction Continue to Conflict with New Video

As part of a three-video series in the lead up to the launch of their new album, Misery, The Amity Affliction has release Part II, which includes the launch of new track ‘Feels Like I’m Dying’.

The video follows Part I and the release of debut track form the album ‘Ivy (Doomsday), that introduces us to a family held together by a web of crime. The protagonists of the video are a group of Australian ‘gangsters’ in the 80’s and the style has nods to Underbelly and Chopper. Interestingly though, the group are portrayed as being righteous vigilantes as their actions, while excessive, are revealed to be in defence of a sexual assault victim, leaving the viewer uncomfortably comfortable with the choices of the characters.

The subject matter is a poignant exploration of the role of sexual harassment and assault in our society, something that is a hot topic right now, but also is designed to show that this is not a ‘buzz’ topic of the moment, rather something that has been prevalent in society for decades with many turning a blind eye to it.

At the time of writing, the videos had been viewed almost 700k times.

Whilst the song kind of takes a back seat to the video, it does reflect the continuing emergence of a new sound from the metalcore band, which sees them move away from their usual style in favour of 90’s and dance influences, with a heap of experimental new sounds thrown into the mix.

It’s unclear if this sound will be defining of the new album, to be released on the 24th August, but one thing is for sure – we can’t wait to see what happens in Part III to be released prior to the full album.

Check out Part I and Part II below and let us know what you think!