Steel Panther “All You can Eat” Review

They are sexy, they are funny, and they really know how to rock…They are Steel Panther, who are back with their highly anticipated album “All You Can Eat.”

The 12 song album is everything a “Fanther” can expect from the boys, with genius stupidity, hilarious disturbing lyrics, strong drumming and killer riffs. The album kicks off with a classical intro much like Metallica’s “Battery” and then proceeds into the first tracks Pussywhipped” – do we need to say more?…You already can imagine what the song’s about – and it’s a rock solid beginning,  with Mr. Michael Starr excelling on vocals as usual.

all-you-can-eat-cdThe first single released for the album, “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” follows up, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you must have been living on another planet. Not only is it a great party track, similar to Balls Out’s “Tomorrow Night”, it also came accompanied with one of the most hilarious video clips ever made…just pure gold!

We could stop to describe every single song, but why should spoil the party for you? You only have to read the names of each track to know what the boys have in store for you, including “Gloryhole” that perhaps is based on a true experience (we would not be surprised if it is), the egocentrically cracking “The Burden of Being Wonderful” and  “If I Was the King”. Closing track is the terrible and hilariously wrong “She’s on the Rag”, which is one of our favourite songs of the album, but maybe not many girls will pick this one as their top choice.

“All You Can Eat” is another triumph for Steel Panther, as they manage to keep their combination of monster riffs, killer songs and hilarious lyrics, which is what fanthers want from them. Three albums in the joke is not getting old at all, on the contrary: The production is tight and the album features some of the band’s best songs yet. It is easily as good as debut album “Feel The Steel” and more consistent than sophomore album “Ball’s Out”. On their most recent Australian tour the Panthers already played three of the new tracks and announced they’d be back soon. That is great news, since we can’t wait to hear one of the best and most bitchin’ live bands in the world perform the other songs of this instant classic.

A Must have!