Spotlight Gem: Parkway Drive – “Devil’s Calling”

Byron Bay metalcore band Parkway Drive have had a knack for bringing out their rock and roll attitude and this was an obvious element in last year’s release of IRE. Dropping the deluxe version of the record last Friday, they managed to also sneak in a cheeky music video for one of the new deluxe tracks titled “Devil’s Calling”. Anthemic and channeling a strong rock vibe, the band have nurtured their diverse sound, experimenting a much lighter approach to their music.

Although the five-piece have turned away from being in-your-face aggressive, there’s comfort in knowing that they enjoy what they’ve created and still showcasing a creative side to their musicianship and honest lyrics. “Devil’s Calling” takes a stand for all the horrible events happening in the world right now and how frustrating it is to see media churn out news people don’t want to hear about.

When explaining the meaning behind the song, frontman Winston McCall says,

“Devil’s Calling was written post the release of IRE. The lyrics came as a response to the growing tensions we are seeing worldwide. In the last year we have seen people with flames of hatred, war, bigotry and fear used as a tool once again to divide and deflect our attention away from the corruption and malice that sits at the head of our power structures. It was written simply as a protest song; we see it, we all see what is wrong. This is a redirection of the energy; we take the fires you light and use them to burn the bridges that connect the power from the base.”

Watch the video for “Devil’s Calling” below!


IRE (Deluxe version) is available now via Resist Records