Spotlight Gem: Gone is Gone – “Stolen From Me”

It’s official. Gone is Gone are superb at what they do and we want more. A few days ago, the experimental rock group dropped another new single off their debut EP titled “Stolen From Me”. The track itself has proven to keep an energetic momentum, showing perfect chemistry in the band’s guitar and drum work while fearlessly showcasing honest and emotive songwriting. Vocalist Troy Sanders really highlights the incredible feel of the track as he invests so much in his passionate vocals, really immersing himself in the mysterious aura it already creates.

In an interview with Billboard, Sanders has showed enthusiasm for the project saying, “We would like to really be able to compose, collaborate, create outside of just being on a stage at a venue. We were fascinated and all have various experiences composing for film. We would like to collaborate with virtual-reality artists. We would like to do interactive travel and art shows. We’ve got loads of ideas that we hope some of them will actually come to fruition at some point in time.”

Check out “Stolen From Me” below!


Gone is Gone’s S/T debut EP will be available for release July 8th via Rise Records/Black Dune Records