Slash ‘World On Fire’ – Album Review

Guitar maestro and rock & roll icon Slash returns alongside Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy with ‘World On Fire,’ the third solo effort of “the man of with the top hat”, following up the success of 2012’s Apocalyptic Love and 2010’s Slash (note – he made two previous solo cd’s with Slash’s Snakepit before 2010’s Slash).

World-On-Fire-coverWorld On Fire takes us back to the “old school Slash“, with a sounds in the style of a dirty garage band. The band recorded the album by jamming together in one room, with the ex-gunner riffing away on his Les Paul, alongside Myles Kennedy‘s unique voice and the fantastic support of their backing band The Conspirators, who once again lay the perfect foundation for the dynamic rock & roll duo to deliver their sonic fireworks.

The 17 track album sounds angry, dirty and confident, with 17 tracks full of Slash‘s signature style-playing, full of great solo’s, catchy riffs and some unique guitar sounds. However, the album lacks those stand-out tracks that really make the difference by getting stuck in your mind every time you listen to it, as it happened with Apocalyptic Love’s  “You are a Lie” or just about any of the tracks of his self-titled album.

Tracks like “World on Fire”, “Wicked Stone” and “Avalon” represent the overall feeling of the album, with Slash doing what he does best alongside Kennedy’s strong voice, including solos, crazy drumming and a dirty garage sound that fans will leave fans ready ahead of the band’s upcoming visit next year to play as one of the headliners at the Soundwave festival.

‘World On Fire’ is now available in Australia from Sony Music