SILENTIUM To Release New Album MOTIVA on August 28th

Finland’s female fronted melodic metallers SILENTIUM return with 2020’s Motiva and are sounding stronger than ever! Motiva is to be released on August 28th Via Out Of Line Music.

Metal made in Finland is bound up with certain expectations that can be both a blessing and a burden for any band hailing from the far north. Foremost on this list is a penchant for bittersweet melancholy and strong emotions. Not far behind this dark streak comes a seemingly easy aptitude to deliver catchy melodies which contrast nicely with crunchy riffing. Technical prowess as well as the use of keyboards is taken for granted. SILENTIUM manage to check all these boxes and still emerged with their very own sound from the beginning.

With their upcoming sixth full-length, Motiva, the Finns deliver their most mature and versatile album so far. “We have grown both as individuals and as a band”, states singer Riina Rinkinen. “We have maintained our complexity, but we have more control and made the songs appear more straight forward by taking deliberate musical choices.” A case in point is the track ‘Shame’ that is steeped in regret and sorrow expressed by a range of instruments from metal to a woodwind quartet yet is delivered with a delicate lightness that underlines the fragile feeling of the song. Its antithesis can be found in the first single outtake, ‘Unchained’, which hits home with an angry punch that is balanced by the track’s wide range of guitar work including a cascade of tapped notes and flourishing solos. “With Aapeli Kivimäki joining the band in 2014 we now have two guitarists contributing solos”, adds Riina. “They both have their own style that opened doors to new dimensions regarding our string-work.”

SILENTIUM shape Motiva from their long years of experience since their founding in the year 1995 but also by adding fresh elements to their melodic doomy sound like the more modern approach of ‘Unchained’. Although it might have been tempting, the band does not attempt to hide their “Finnishness”, which conjures a range of comparisons throughout the album to compatriots such as AMORPHIS, CHARON, SENTENCED, and even a tiny pinch of NIGHTWISH to name but a few. The most obvious nod to those northern melodies derived from their homeland’s folklore can be found in the hauntingly beautiful instrumental ‘Circle’. Long term followers of the band will easily notice the wider stylistic range that SILENTIUM have at their command in 2020 without cutting off their roots. 

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