Sabaton ‘Heroes’ Album Review

Swedish metal Gods Sabaton attack once again with ‘Heroes’, a very special album as it features the new line-up including guitarists Chris Rörland and Thobbe Englund as well as drummer Hannes van Dahl. The album artwork was created by Péter Sallai who also designed the artwork for 2012’s ‘Carolus Rex’.

sabaton-heroes cd cover officialSabaton stays loyal to their style and continue to deliver strong power metal tracks, with lyrics inspired by historical battles. Frontman Joakim Brodén brings his classic energy, which makes each song feel like as if it would have been performed behind enemy lines at war time.

Opening track ‘Night Witches’ sets the tone of the album perfectly as it feels as if you are in the front of a military parade with troops gearing up for war. The album keeps going with the strong ‘No Bullets Fly’, ‘Smoking Snakes’ and the fantastic ‘Inmate 4859’, a song full of anguish and hope.

The album continues with the Nordic melodic track ‘To Hell And Back’, followed by ‘The Ballad Of Bull’, a meaningful song dedicated to all the brothers in arms.

‘Resist And Bite’, ‘Soldier Of 3 Armies’, ‘Far From The Fame’ and ‘Hearts Of Iron’ complete the ten track album. New drummer Hannes van Dahl displays his solid skills at his best during ‘Soldier of 3 armies’ and ‘Hearts of Iron’, which is the perfect track to finish a solid album, that Sabaton fans will surely embrace.

‘Heroes’ is released 16 May 2014 from Nuclear Blast.