Rhodes returns with haunting track ‘Sleep Is A Rose’

You said sleep is a rose, I want to tell you it brings me fear’… the sound of RHODES’ voice when he sings these lyrics in the chorus is an immediate tear-jerker. This is just one of the qualities of Rhodes’ music that we have come to admire – his ability to evoke emotion through his powerful voice and lyrics and it’s no different on his new track ‘Sleep Is A Rose’, which is simple, intimate and raw.

Of the track, Rhodes explains “‘Sleep Is A Rose’ came out of nowhere one sleepless night when I was away writing the first few songs for the record. I found an old cottage in the Lake District, spending many nights lying awake thinking about it all and this one came to me in all in one moment. I recorded it straight away because I wanted to capture that initial spark and the night-time mood.”

If this just the first taste of what is yet to come from RHODES’ new music, then we are sitting on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting more of this beauty.

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