Review: The Used Live and Acoustic at the Palace

“It’s so beautiful how after 15 years this music means as much to you, as it does to us”

Live and Acoustic at the Palace is the newest release from post-hardcore Utah rockers- The Used, which hits stores on April 1st. In a celebration of their 15th anniversary, the band recorded an intimate, acoustic performance in the Palace Theatre in Los Angeles last October with a phenomenal set list of older songs mainly from album In Love and Death, accompanied with a four-piece string quartet.

The performances are emotive, raw, passionate and for the lack of a better phrase, pure “The Used”. This album is an expression of growth for both the band and fans whom The Used possibly shaped and defined in their years where they needed a voice which this band gave them. Along with the insights to the back stories of songs, little tidbits and what lead the band to be gives us a personal form of connection towards them, along with words of gratitude and love from the group.


Usually for a live album it’s harder for the listener to be able to connect with the setting, but for some reason Live and Acoustic at the Palace doesn’t necessarily have that disconnection as the stories that are told and the way that singer Bert McCraken can continually captivate an audience through song or speech.

As touched on briefly, the set list includes unreal renditions of songs such as All That I’ve Got, Paralyzed, Blue and Yellow, On My Own, along with a cover of Imagine by John Lennon. Acoustic performances for The Used are nothing unusual but to have this orchestral backing gives these songs which are next to 15 years old revival and a new life. As Bert does say; “if you’re not crying yet I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you” and he’s completely right.

If you’re a fan; this album is going to give you the goosebumps that you surely got back in the day when The Used first joined your musical loves.

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