Review: Huntly – ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’ EP

Huntly are comprised of three friends from Melbourne who we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago, recap here. Now the trio will release their anticipated debut EP ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’ – which is an amazing title and you can bet the EP is just as good as the title.

13047798_1076855089020522_2149375411188245127_oThe EP starts with the enchanting, slow building ‘Heavy Sometimes‘, which showcases their trademark sound with hints of R&B and melancholy electronica. One of the highlights of the EP is the earnest lyrics throughout, particularly on ‘Sunday Sheets’, with lyrics ‘hold your hangin’ head up and see’. Heart-stopping lyrics, as those, alongside Scrine’s captivating vocals keep things interesting from song to song.

Despite the EP being an exceptional debut, as much as it pains me to say, their near-perfect EP is flawed. That comes on track entitled ‘Anyone’s Summer’, with a melody that sounds like a jingle for a commercial, it seems more like a filler. However, don’t let that put you off listening to the EP because it really is a gem! The EP ends on a high note with the very dreamy and chilled ‘We Made it’ which, like their opening track, is builds using vocal layers,  similar to the start of James Blake’s ‘Retrograde‘.

Overall, the trio have nailed their R&B infused electronica that we hear on many of the songs of ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’. If this is just the start for Huntly, we can’t wait to hear more, because it’s a very promising one at that.

Huntly’s debut EP ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’ is out 20th May

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