Review: Ani Lou -‘Eralda’ EP

Tasmanian singer-songwriter Ani Lou has just released her debut EP Eralda. The five-track EP, which was recorded with her four-piece band at Reel to Reel Studios, opens with ‘Ascend‘ – a beautifully crafted track that explores the hard-hitting storyline about yearning for freedom from the entrapment of one’s own body or mind.

Dark Days‘ is another example of that, with Ani Lou’s effortless vocals creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere that depicts her ongoing struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. On this topic, she has said  ‘I sing to come to terms with situations and challenges I have faced, and hope to find kinship with others by sharing these experiences. Like many people, music is my antidote and method for self-soothing’ .

‘Keeper’ is a personal favourite off the EP, with a gentle guitar rhythm creating a lush soundscape that reminds me of a song that I could expect to hear on a London Grammar album. Ultimately, Eralda is a stunning and delicate EP filled with heartfelt lyrics and dynamic soundscapes.

Ani Lou’s debut EP ‘Eralda’ is out now via Bandcamp.

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