Q&A: Rival Fire

Melbourne alternative rock band, Rival Fire recently released their debut album WAR via Sony Music Australia. The album, which took 3 years or so years to make, explores the inner struggles that we all face in our lives – a universal topic that most people can relate to.

Spotlight Report asked the band all about the album, the songwriting process and what to expect from their upcoming tour. Read their answers below

So you just released your debut album War, can you tell us about the overall themes and concepts of the record and where the title of the album came from?

The album is a mix of thoughts. Mostly about the inner struggle that everyone has in their lives.

A lot of the album was written back in 2014 and ‘Memories’ was written way back in 2011. Were you still working on the album during that time?

Well Memories was a part of a bunch of tracks I was doing in my solo project at the time. I really love that song and wanted to keep it in this band moving forward.

We really didn’t start writing the album together until around 2014.

The album was written all over the world (Brisbane, Los Angeles, Sydney). Do you think travelling impacted the sound of the record or even your song writing process?

For sure! We love putting ourselves in different places. The head space you’re in when you are away from home for us is quite creative.

You worked with Mark Needham, what was that experience like for you?

He is amazing. Working with him we learnt so much about production, as we all run ProTools ourselves. When you’re working with such a music legend like that you have to keep learning. He is a great blend of old school methods and the new. Was fantastic to watch how he merged the two.

You have been on tour recently supporting the likes of Dead Letter Circus, Birds of Tokyo and Superheist. What is some advice you have been given by one these bands that you have taken onto your live shows?

Capitalise on your momentum! Treat people with respect. And learn what you can.

Luke Palmer and Clint Vincent from Dead Letter Circus even produced some tracks off the record – what was it like to work alongside them in a studio setting?

They are such easy going legends. I feel they were able to get the absolute best out of all of us. They scrutinised every beat, every strum and every word. It was a fantastic experience.

So to anyone going those shows in October with Osaka Punch as co-headline, what can they expect from those shows?

We are very energetic live. We love doing shows and I think you will see that.

To end with some light hearted questions, generally speaking do you prefer being on tour or being in the studio?

Tough one! I love both so much.. But I’d say touring has it. It’s so much fun being with your mates doing what you love.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you’d be doing?

No idea. It’s all I’ve ever known. I grew up on the road with Dad and I really don’t know what else I would be doing haha.

If you could have written any song in history, which would it have been and why?

Long Way To the Top by the amazing AC/DC!

Rival Fire’s debut album ‘War’ is out now

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