Q&A: nyck

A couple of days ago, we shared with you a beautiful track entitled ‘Decisions’ by Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard, together who go by nyck. The duo from Melbourne have created a trademark sound that is raw and acoustic, not unlike the sounds of The Civil Wars or Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

The pair kindly took the time out to answer some of the questions Spotlight Report had for them. You can read all their answers below.

So your debut single ‘Decisions’ is out now, can you tell us about it and how it came about?

It’s about the push and pull of a relationship, when you love someone and they’re your best friend, but you know you have to let them go.

To get to know you both better, how did this musical project between the two of you begin?

We have been singing together for about five months now. We have mutual friends and put us in touch with each other. So, we have them to thank!

Nick originally wanted Dom to feature on the EP but then we worked so well together that we changed the band’s direction and became a duo.

How are your musical backgrounds different from each other?

Nick grew up learning the piano at a young age, however never started writing and singing until he left school.

Dom also learnt piano at a young age, and went on to study Jazz voice for three years in Melbourne.

Do your musical differences ever pose as a challenge/ or opportunity in your creative process?

They never pose as a challenge, more so an opportunity. Because we come from different backgrounds and dynamics, we use this as an opportunity for new ideas.

What kind of music gets your creative juices flowing?

Bon Iver, Hayden Calnin, The National, Beatles, Crowded house

What is the creative process like for the two of you? Does one of contribute to lyrics more and other on melody or is it very much collaborative on each aspect of each song?

The EP was already finished structurally and lyrically before Dom joined the project, so Nick has written all of it. We are beginning to write new songs together at the moment so this will be a new collaborative process both musically and lyrically.

So you’ve just announced a bunch of debut headlining shows – what are you most excited about and what can people expect from your headline shows?

We get really excited about travelling. We love driving around, listening to music and meeting new people and of course the actual live set! People can expect to see an intimate show that incorporates harmony, three keyboards, and electronic sounds.

So just for a bit of fun, if you weren’t making music what do you think you’d be doing?

Nick would be building stairs for his family business and Dom would be a teacher.

Lastly, if you could have written any song in the world which would it have been and why?

Teardrop by Massive Attack. We both love this song so much! They put a simple chord movement with an awesome beat and created an amazing song, it’s just so perfect!

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