Plastikman – ‘Ex’ Album Review

Canada-based techno DJ and electronic musician, Richie Hawtin, is back with his latest Plastikman release, Ex.

Renowned for his summer ENTER shows at Ibiza’s Space, Ex is Hawtin’s first Plastikman album in over a decade. In November of last year, a performance at the Guggenheim’s International Gala prompted Hawtin’s return to his Plastikman work. Over seven new tracks, Hawtin showcases his trademark minimalist style. Each track begins with ‘Ex’, starting with Exposed and its gradual, blip intro, which gives way to a pulsing rhythm, overlaid with quiet synth noodling. EXtend offers something darker and more spacious with its warm, post-acid house ebbing and flowing.

Although it includes seven separate cuts, the album (initially created for the live show) may be enjoyed as a one-hour trip. Throbbing, pared-back bass backs spidery percussion and squelching, insistent melodies.

Overall, the feel is an elegant blend of light and dark: foreboding, deep rhythms give way to almost playful bleeps and hand-claps throughout in a masterful interplay of aural textures. EXemplary.