Pennywise ‘Yesterdays’ – Album Review

It seems like only yesterday that Pennywise first hit the airwaves with their upbeat skate punk self-titled debut. Well, guess what? It’s been 23 years. In that time, the band have notched up ten album releases, a slew of tours, and countless festival dates, all of which have attracted an army of loyal followers.

Yesterdays sees a return to original form and features new recordings of previously unreleased tracks from their early days, along with the reappearance of Jim Lindberg as frontman. In our Spotlight interview from earlier this month, guitarist Fletcher Dragge described this album as a sentimental journey back to ‘really good memories’, adding that, ‘all we cared about was going into the studio and having a good time recording these songs … just relax and enjoy it.’ And, by all accounts, Yesterdays sure sounds like a band enjoying their work.

Opening track, What You Deserve, gets the ball rolling with a lively bassline, ol’ skool chant, and punchy drums. Restless Time follows up with a short, rowdy rapid-fire riff-fest. Noise Pollution, Violence Never Ending, and Am Oi! present Pennywise at their purest: Lindberg’s melodic vocals over Dragge’s blistering guitar, Bradbury’s trademark bass fills, and McMackin’s rapid-fire, and often scene-stealing, drumming.

Final number, I Can Remember, is Lindberg’s tribute to ex-bassist, Jason Thirsk, who passed away in 1996. In fact, a number of Yesterdays’ tracks were written by Thirsk, back in the day. And it’s most definitely that time that Pennywise have so perfectly captured on this energetic, nostalgic release.