On the Spot: Motorhead Live at Big Top Luna Park, Sydney

Last night Luna Park was not an amusement park anymore, because heavy rockers Motorhead converted it in a massive Heavy Metal zone, where only hard rockers were allowed!

Around 9.30 the lights went of…and the Noise of Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey started…Motorhead on stage and a unique Rock venue started opening with “Iron Fist” in front of one of the worst mosh pit we have ever seen…people was totally mad, they were rocking like it was the last concert of their life, and it is just because Motorhead makes everyone feel the rock like no other band.

Lead guitarist Phil Campbell asked every time to the crowd if they wanted them to play louder, the answer was obviously yes…and the sound was each time Louder and Louder…because Motorhead was there to “play Rock and Roll”.

Lemmy, despite the fact of his 65 years old is in great shape, his voice hasn’t changed , and the way he plays the Bass is just epic,  he is a total bad ass rocker and there is no question about that!. Furthermore, his band members are true rock stars as well, giving their 200% the whole venue. Moreover, each of them played some solos, first was Phil after “One Night Stand” and then Mikkey in between of the song “In the Name of Tragedy”, with an incredible drum solo with so much power and energy demonstrating why he is one of the best drummers of the world!

The venue continued, and the moment everyone was waiting came when Lemmy played the first notes for: “Ace of Spades “…That was the song the crowd wanted and that was the song the band played to start closing the venue…But it was a bonus, because they came back with dark lights at the beginning and with Lemmy reminding the crowd calling for them to came back to stage because he is actually deaf.

Motorhead closed the venue playing their hit “Overkill”, the perfect song for a full rock night with one of the best bands in rock story!

Every person there will remember forever Lemmy’s words:

Motorhead Live at Big Top Luna park, Sydney SETLIST:

  • Iron Fist
  • Stay Clean
  • Get Back In Line
  • Metropolis
  • Over the Top
  • One Night Stand (Followed by guitar solo)
  • Rock Out
  • The Thousand Names of God
  • I Got Mine
  • I Know How to Die
  • The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
  • In the Name of Tragedy (With drum solo in the middle)
  • Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
  • Going to Brazil
  • Killed by Death
  • Ace of Spades
  • Overkill

*Fan photos for illustration purposes only. No commercial gain.

Motörhead ARE loud, fast, dirty, bluesy rock ‘n roll with an unrivaled, ruthless attitude; obnoxious yet dignified.