Nicolas Cage Fighter’s ‘Cast You Out Here’ Review

February brings some good news for fans of Australian heavy act Nicolas Cage Fighter (what a brilliant name). The band’s 5-track, “heavy as hell” EP Cast You Out is available as of February 5! Having shared the stage with bands such as Attila, Thy Art is Murder, and In Hearts Wake to name but a few, these guys are no strangers to thrashing it out. And it is clear from their new record, that they love it as heavy as it gets!

Talking about the record, vocalist Nick Moriarty said “I had a clear narrative I wanted to express”, going on to say that the band wanted “to deliver a story which detailed living with mental health issues … in such a manner that anyone living with mental health problems or challenging life experiences of their own could clearly relate to”, a goal it is safe to say they have achieved. While the band set out to tell an overall story, the band believes the songs themselves can also stand alone. Tracks ‘Black Jackal’, ‘Devil’s Head’ and ‘Dead Ends’ have already been released, and also featured on playlists such as Spotify’s Homegrown & Heavy – a sure sign of future success!

Cast You Out opens with the ominous ‘Black Jackal’, a song which Moriarty himself described as the introduction to his own story. What struck me about this song is the sense of strength emanating from it. While I wasn’t able to pick up most of the growled lyrics, I could certainly feel the message of taking control of one’s own life despite immense challenges. This also sets the tone for the EP overall and is the standout track as far as I am concerned.

With a sound similar to bands like Hatebreed, Nicolas Cage Fighter are a little heavier than the music I listen to of late, but I did love the guitar work! These guys had me headbanging on the couch! I guarantee they will go far. With a lot of interest nationally and internationally, you’d best keep your eyes on these guys, because I guarantee that their future looks promising. And if you like your music HEAVY, I suggest checking these guys out. Plus, you’d be supporting Australian music!

You can grab Cast You Out here: