Lamb of God “Ashes of the Wake” Live Streaming Coverage

This pandemic sucks for so many reasons and is not a secret that one of the biggest casualties of this situation is live music. For some reason that I don’t understand, governments all over the world haven’t even given a chance to the industry (bands, venues etc. etc) to show that they are responsible and mature enough to manage their businesses and show they can follow procedures to keep people safe and continue working. With almost every show, tour or whatever you can imagine music related, cancelled or postponed -until nobody knows exactly when- the bands have started to streamed shows, offer special merchandise and do everything they can do to make these pandemic times a little bit better, keep in contact with their fans and keep their businesses going.

Lamb of God announced they’d be playing two exclusive shows featuring their sixteen year old third album “Ashes of the Wake”, from start to finish (for the first time ever!) plus play their critically acclaimed new album. If you think this wasn’t enough of course there was special merchandise, interviews and a opening set from Bleed from Within (September 18) and Whitechapel (September 25) to complete the package.

I’m writing this as I enjoy the show and to be honest, in the past, I wasn’t a big fan of the streaming in general, but holy shit! I started with the volume quite normal but right now is creeping up, and I’m headbanging next to my screen! Yeah, I know, it’s not the same, but after a few months without any live shows, and no shows ahead in the near future, this is pure gold and I’m fully enjoying it.

I want to add that we should support the bands we love because without music life is not the same. They work really hard to deliver the soundtrack of our lives, as simple as that, and this situation has left every single band in a weird limbo. But, if there is something true about the metal world is that we love our bands and we worship them in every possible way, because it’s all about the music we listen to, and we love it. Music is a huge part of our life in a way not everybody understands…So now is the moment to show we are here, and all together support each others.

By the way the show is about to finish and it has been a blast. As a Lamb of God fan I just want to say a big thanks to the band and everybody involved in making this happen. Stay safe! I’m gonna watch the show again because its also been recorded and available for the next 48 hours.