Health Conscious Madonna is Queen of Clean

Over the years Madonna has developed a reputation of as being ‘of’ the people – particularly if she is on the hunt for a new child. But in the latest of a bizarre string of media mishaps she seems to have forgotten that the first rule of fitting in is not lording your worldly possessions over others.

It all started with an innocuous enough visit to Malawi’s capital Lilongwe where she was visiting her school for girls and making appearances across the country, in honour of an agreement that allowed her to add to her collection of children and adopt of a Malawi child earlier in the year.

It seems that following saying goodbye to all of the kids (and after a hasty head count by organisers to make sure they were all still there) the health conscious Madonna, whose Hard Candy Gym opened in Sydney CBD in 2012, couldn’t wait to sterilise her hands. Unfortunately, she chose to share her sterilisation with the awaiting crowd and has been pictured waving her hand sanitisation at them as a fond farewell.

We can’t figure out if this is a brilliant PR move or the oddest goodbye we’ve ever seen.

*Photograph source; SIPHIWE SIBEKO/ Reuters