Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl stops a fight during live performance

At a packed gig at London’s Roundhouse in Chalk Farm as part of the iTunes Festival on Monday night, front man Dave Grohl stopped the Fooies performance to blame a “fan” (dunno if we should call that guy a fan) in order to stop a fight in the pit.

Grohl as a true rockstar, taking care of his crowd, stepped up to the microphone and said:You don’t fu*** fight at my show you as***le”…He also added “Hey mot****er look at me, get the f**** out of my show right now.”“you people came here to have a good time and that guy can fu*** off”

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This incident was not an excuse for an amazing venue, where the Fooies were joined on stage by Roger Taylor and Brian May from Queen to perform Tie Your Mother Down and by Dave’s personal mate, the great Lemmy from Motorhead to play Shake Your Blood.

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Dave Grohl and Spotlight Report

We must add, that we had the honor to meet Dave Grohl a couple of times, and he is always, as well as the entire band, such a kind person who cares a lot about his fans, Moreover, Jeff Apter’s book ‘The Dave Grohl Story’, describes him as “The nice guy of rock”, and we strongly agree with that quote.

Good on ya Dave! You Rock!!!

The Fooies will be touring Oz soon…for full tour details click here