Ever wanted to have FAKER turn up out of nowhere to give you a surprise, impromptu gig for just you and 250 other people? That would be pretty cool, huh? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you’re too late.
Aussie rockers, FAKER treated Tasmania to their very first [V] GUERILLA GIG when they crashed Brisbane Street Mall, Launceston last Sunday, June 26, with a surprise, impromptu and more importantly, free acoustic performance for passers-by [and a few savvy Channel [V] fans. You see, that’s kinda that whole point of a [V] GUERILLA GIG. It’s a live performance when [and where] you least expect it.

With their third album due out later this year the band – Nathan Hudson and Nic Munnings – rocked a sweet set which included Dangerous, Heart to Break and their smash hit, This Heart Attack.
[V] GUERILLA GIGS bring the music to you right when you least expect it. They can happen with any artist, anywhere, anytime!

So far Channel [V] has brought you a stack of [V] GUERILLA GIGS with the likes of Good Charlotte and Grinspoon in Adelaide, Kisschasy in Bendigo, The Ting Tings in Sydney, John Butler Trio in Bundaberg, Washington in Brisbane, Little Red in Wollongong and even Plan B in Paris, plus loads more. We’ve toured the country [and beyond] with the cream of the crop of Australian artists and some massive international acts to surprise you with these random, impromptu and unforgettable gigs.

And why do we do them? Channel [V] is all about bringing music to the people and we want to create memorable music experiences – and for those lucky punters who happen to be in the right place at the right time for these gigs, it’s a musical memory money can’t buy.

Here enjoy some pictures of the venue below:

Keep your eyes peeled kids as more [V] GUERILLA GIGS are in store. For clues on which city will be hit next, head to and follow Channel [V] on Facebook. It’s as easy as that.
[V] GUERILLA GIG. Any artist, anywhere, anytime. Who’s next?

Best Of [V] Guerilla Gigs screens  Sunday 10 July at 10:00am.

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