Michael Hutchence Movie, Documentary And Broadway Musical in progress

Triple M has just posted this very exciting news for all the INXS fans:

According to the The Music Network, a UK production company called Amazing Industries has a film in development called XS: The Story Of Michael Hutchence, which is based on the 2000 book Just A Man written by Michael’s sister Tina and mother Patricia Glassop. The people in charge of Michael’s estate have refused to endorse the movie.

Meanwhile, a documentary on the INXS singer’s life is being put together by Michael’s former manager, Martha Troup. She set up a trust after his death in 1997 to “develop projects that highlight Michael’s genius” and said she’s talking to producers and directors about the doco, despite INXS refusing to give her permission to use any of their songs for the project.

“A documentary is going to be made. I will make sure, no matter what, and I hope it is with everybody’s blessing,” she said.

Read the full note here via Triple M.

photo via. michaelhutchence.com.au