Lewis Watson Instagram lyric video in real time!

UK singer/songwriter Lewis Watson has done something pretty cool and not something we have seen before. The 20 year old posted a real time lyric video of his new single ‘Stay’ on Instagram,

The video is made of a hundreds of submissions from people around the posting lyrics to his new song. He said on his website

 “To celebrate the release of my new single ‘stay’- I’m creating ‘real time’ lyric video from all your instagram submissions. click play to view all the latest entries. my favourites will be made in to a youtube video too x”


It’s pretty awesome and it includes some incredible submissions of fan art and people’s interperation of each line of lyrics. Check it out the song’s video clip below and head to his website to check out the fan lyric video. Also you are a fan of the song, or a fan of the idea you can submit your artwork with your favourite lyric from his new beautiful song and you could feature on the youtube video of the song.