Ladyhawke ‘Blue Eyes’ Video Comp Winner Announced

Modular, Nikon Australia and Ladyhawke are proud to unveil the winning submission for the Blue Eyes Video Competition. Emerging Melbourne filmmaker Michael Kratochvil stepped up to the plate with his Ladyhawke endorsed imagination of the single’s Jacques Renault remix, filmed entirely on a Nikon 1 J1 camera. Mentored by director Clemens Habicht (Tame Impala, Delphic, Friendly Fires), the concept was inspired by 70s Australian youth culture Sharpies.

The winning video was  featured this week on Pages Digital.

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Kratochvil explains, “I’ve always been fascinated with the unique clothing, bizarre dance moves and strangely menacing quality of this gang. I liked the idea of having someone being initiated into this underworld and having the transcendent experience of becoming a Sharpie. It also seemed like an unusual contrast to have the Sharpies dancing to the beat of an electronic dance track.”

For this indisputably authentic recreation, Kratochvil meticulously studied documentary footage. He casted friends willing to cut their hair into rat’s tails while costume designer Holly Preston travelled across Victoria sourcing cardigans, jeans and shoes.

The results achieved by the ultra-portable and simple-to-operate Nikon 1 J1 are exceptional. “The visual approach was to embrace darkness and shadow and use lighting in a way that brought out the menacing quality of the Sharpies, creating the frightening feeling of being inside a strange underworld. We were all really impressed with the range of cinematic looks we were able to get from such an accessible and cost effective camera.”

Astonishingly fast, stunningly compact and amazingly precise, the Nikon 1 simultaneously shoots 1080p full HD videos and high resolution photos at the click of a button. For more information on the advanced video and still image capabilities of the Nikon 1, head here.

Michael Kratochvil is a graduate of the VCA School of Film & Television and Monash University. His most recent short film ‘Eileen Pratt’ screened at multiple Academy Awards and BAFTA accredited festivals worldwide. In June 2012, he was the only Australian filmmaker accepted to attend the Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab. Here he was awarded “Best Pitch” for his debut feature project, which he’s currently developing.