Introducing: Son Little

Meet Aaron Earl Livingston, who goes by Son Little. The Philly singer/songwriter’s unique sound was described by NPR as ‘“touches on soul, blues, hip-hop and reggae. Samples, fuzzy guitar and simple drums work together to create an undeniable groove” and his new EP ‘Things I Forgot‘ delivers just that! ‘Things I Forgot‘ is out through Warner Music Australia tomorrow (November 11)

Last week the New York Times’ Press Play premiered the phenomenal new EP by Son Little. The six track EP opens with the remarkable ‘The River‘ an intricate combination of American Blues, hip-hop and reggae. A showcase of the talent of a true artist, the EP goes from strength to strength from the soulful R&B track ‘Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches‘ to eerie ballad ‘Joy’ before bluesy folk closer ‘Alice

This is the first long-form release from the exciting new artist. With such a remarkable first EP, it shows serious potential from Son Little and we can not wait to see what the futures holds for this promising musician.

The six song EP will be released in Australia digitally on November 11 which a physical release set for November 14.

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