Introducing: LÉON

Oh boy, Swedish people sure know how to make insane pop music and this next artist is no different. Stockholm based musician LÉON comes from a musical upbringing with a mother who is a seasoned cellist in the symphony and her father is a conductor/composer so it comes as no surprise that LÉON herself is a very talented musician.

Having started her musical career at the age of 17 in a  ten-piece hip hop/soul band she worked on honing her live performance. However, since turning 21, LÉON decided to go out on her own after meeting Swedish producer, Agrin Rahmani, who has been her muse ever since. Over the past year Agrin and LÉON have been developing a deep body of work.

Below is a video of her lead track ‘Tired of Talking’ for a live acoustic version of the track for Vevo Dscvr.

[embedvideo id=”4bZhzKFtAv4″ website=”youtube”]