Introducing: Climate Control

Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, alternative rock quintet Climate Control have already shown amazing talent in their newest single “Little Mess”. The track itself is beautiful and touches on the theme of loss in one’s relationship. The music video is really simple yet emotive, with vocalist Nicolas Gonzalez walking in the darkness of the night, showcasing the effects of his world crumbling down and capturing feelings of heartbreak and sadness all in one. The track was produced by Clinton Watts (Bury Tomorrow, Truth & Its Burden) and mastered by Kris Crummet (Sleeping With Sirens, Issues). The gentle instrumentation really glows in “Little Mess” and it emphasises the great musicianship the band have already.

Gonzalez says, ” ‘Little Mess’ marks a change in pace for us; a little less aggressive with a heavier focus on melody, while still being energetic. Lyrically, it deals with the concept of loss, and coming to terms with the inevitability of that loss. It’s a tough subject, but one that we’ve all had to & will have to face at some point.”

Watch the video for “Little Mess” below!