Interview: 5 Things we learned about Lewis Del Mar

If you don’t know who Lewis Del Mar, you’d better start taking note. From Rockaway Beach in New York, Lewis Del Mar are made up of friends Danny Miller and Max Harwood. The duo have just released their debut album ‘Painting (Masterpiece)‘ through Sony Music Australia and it’s mighty impressive and definitely worth a listen.

Spotlight Report got talking to the pair about working under previous band names, their album, Rockaway Beach and more. Read to see the 5 things we learnt about Lewis Del Mar in our chat with them.

On their previous band, who their label as have worked hard but not ‘working very smart’…

Danny: I think we were just on the road trying to make fans one at a time instead of trying to utlise the technology that are available to artists that are to disseminate your music more easily, like the internet. We were really focusing on our live game and not so much on our recording. The fact of the matter is that today in 2016, I think that most people share recordings in order to introduce their friends to a band. So when we restructured things, we worked more closely on recordings.

Max: Also, more fundamentally I think we hadn’t really considered who we were as artists at the time with the first band and we sort of just played the music that we heard our friends play or that we heard our friends listen to. I don’t think it was until this project that we took a step back and reassessed what we wanted to do and say musically as artists.

On the concept behind the album…

Max: I think it speaks a lot to duality and the idea that I think a lot of people go through, sort feeling like two different people. For us, writing this album, and coming into contact with new parts of ourselves and reconciling other past selves and turning new corners of our lives. It sort of deals with how to take certain parts of you moving forward, and leaving other parts of you behind. I think its kind of a coming of age in a city like New York, where people are always searching for individuality, there is a lot of self-realisation on the album.

On the differences/similarities of their individual music influences

Max: I think our music influences are pretty similar but I think they are differing in some ways in that I am very influences by certain songwriters, whether that be people like Jeff Buckley or Lauryn Hill. But in that sense they are maybe the only differences, but other than that we do actually enjoy a lot of the same music.

On moving to Rockaway Beach, and its impact on their sound.

Danny: I think we moved to Rockaway because we thought it is kind of a personification of our sound to begin with. I think potentionally what I mean by that is that Rockaway is a place is where the city meets the ocean and sort of clashes with it. I think that we conceptalise our music as a clashing of more traditional acoustic sounds with more modern industrial produced sounds. So I think it reinforced what we already begun to do.

On staying motivated…

Danny: I think it has always been difficult but for Max and I there has always just been this bigger picture and it’s weird to say this now but we always had the confidence that is was always going to work out and that were supposed to be making music together and we’d have this career doing it. I think honestly what was motivating for us more than even the success was digging through ourselves to make the best music that we can make and to find the sound that we found.

Lewis Del Mar’s debut album ‘Painting (Masterpiece)’ is out now via Sony Music Australia

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