ILL NIÑO: Till Death, La Familia – Album Review

Since their debut in 2001, with Revolution Revolución, Ill Niño have sold over 1.3 million albums worldwide. The Latin-flavoured, alt metal sound on Till Death, La Familia is defined by a modern approach to the genre, but retains the Nu-metal influence that has always been at Ill Niño’s core.

illtillProducer Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Anthrax, VAST) shared production duties with drummer, Dave Chavarri, on this Victory Records release. Groove-filled and melodic, the album is not as heavy as its predecessor, Epidemia, but features electronica, catchy choruses, breakdowns, and Spanish guitar riffs.

Ex-bassist Cristian Machado’s clean vocals soar, emote, and frequently give way to guttural depths, showcasing his versatility and, no doubt, the reason he was able to so effortlessly take on the mantle of frontman back in 2000.

The nihilism of opener, Live Like There’s No Tomorrow, (‘Let’s get high like we don’t give a fuck’), is followed by the album’s first single, Not Alive in My Nightmare, with its brutal war cry (‘And I will fuck you all up myself, So wake up..’). Are We So Innocent, and World So Cold ramp up the energy: Machado pushes his vocal range to the limit, Chavarri and Oscar Santiago add punishing drumming and deft percussion to the mix, and Ahrue Luster rounds things off with frenzied, heavy guitar work.

One of the production’s strongest tracks, My Bullet wraps the production up with its lyrical intensity, thumping beats, and blazing guitars. Throughout the album, Laz Pina’s bass provides a heavy bottom end and more groove than we’ve heard from the band in the past.

This is a solid release that fans will love, and it’s clear that Ill Niño are more intent than ever on evolving, and extending their musical boundaries.