EP Review: Envy On The Coast – ‘Ritual’

Smokey, passionate and enthralling – these are the words to think about when listening to Envy On The Coast’s newest EP, Ritual. You may remember the Long Island outfit from not too long ago, wearing that thick, black eyeliner and rocking that long “emo” fringe look. Though the band have never officially reunited, two of the original members of EOTC, Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne still maintain such sharp minds when it comes to authenticity and Ritual is a perfect example of that. It’s stagnating to do the same thing over and over again, but what’s impressive is that the pair have managed to keep the essence of EOTC while giving it a rock n’ roll touch. Ritual is a standalone body of work, holding an intriguing atmosphere for fans with their words and music.

Getting some Taking Back Sunday vibes, opener “Manic State Park” is a bold track. Having such a rollercoaster-like pace in terms of instrumentation, it has an excellent bass line, filled with catchy guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming. It builds some strong first impressions of the EP – it isn’t too ambitious but it’s simplistic enough to get listeners interested. “Inhaler” is a slow burner yet it captures a much faster-paced approach to their music, but the dynamics maintain high energy and a fiery attitude.

“Lioness” is another track worth mentioning about. Hunter is a stellar vocalist, hitting those high notes to perfection while adding a suave touch amongst those bass lines. It’s a calming and gorgeous track that delivers. So is the closing track of the EP “Sift”, showing gorgeous elements of an 80’s rock ballad, while creating a breathtaking experience. The EP itself displays how much Hunter and Byrne have strong affections towards their developed sound, all of which have made this EOTC reincarnation possible.

If you’ve previously loved EOTC’s past releases, you may not gel with this material at first, but if you give it time, you’ll see how magnetic and powerful Ritual is. It’s not so much about bringing back EOTC to what it was before, but it’s more so to do with what they have to offer now. Many people all yearn for a band to stick to their roots, but what happens if you depend on that instead of the progression that needs to happen? It’s safe to say that EOTC just want to be who they are now and nothing is going to stand in their way. Ritual has a kind of beauty you should pay attention to; though it may not be as loud and aggressive, it showcases the importance of taking creative risks and embracing the tides of change.

Ritual releases June 30 through Equal Vision RecordsĀ