Emigrate ‘Silent So Long’ – Album Review

Emigrate Silent So Long‘Silent So Long’ is a fitting album title for Emigrate’s second album, considering it’s been 7 years since this side-project of Rammstein-guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe released its nameless debut. In all honesty, that first album wasn’t particularly strong; it started off with three good tracks but quickly fizzled out after that, and Kruspe’s voice back then was too weak to carry a whole album. This second effort is a whole different beast altogether; there are killer tracks all throughout the album, and Kruspe cleverly camouflages his shortcomings as a singer with great contributions from big names such as Marilyn Manson, Lemmy, and Korn’s Jonathan Davis.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npwM8-j8_T0]
The album starts off strong with the first single ‘Eat You Alive’, featuring some funky raps from Frank Dellé from German Reggae-band Seeed. Second track ‘Get Down’ features Peaches on vocals and sounds like it’s written for a movie soundtrack. Marilyn Manson takes the lead during ‘Hypothetical’, in which Kruspe riffs away with some variations on Led Zeppelin‘s Kashmir. This heavy track is followed by the poppy ‘Rainbow‘, a track so annoyingly catchy that it almost sounds like a metal-band covering a song by dreaded Danish pop-act Aqua.

Stand-outs during the second half of the album are ‘My Pleasure’ and ‘Faust’, which both could have been Rammstein-tracks, and the Tool-like title track which finishes off the album with Jonathan Davis from Korn on vocals.

‘Silent So Long’ should make Rammstein-fans waiting for a new album from Germany’s finest particularly happy, since there is lots to enjoy here for anyone that loves Rammstein’s “Tanzmetal”. Emigrate’s debut album was a case of “close but no cigar” but ‘Silent So Long’ sounds smokin’!

‘Silent So Long’ is out now on Universal Music / Caroline Australia. Check out our interview with Richard Z. Kruspe about the album here.

Listen to a sampler with previews of all the songs:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UBtku05aok]