Elk Road debuts visuals for ‘Hanging By A Thread’

Elk Road is the next up and coming electronic act in the Australia music scene, so if you don’t know him by know, you really should. Rory Garton Smith, aka Elk Road, has released his new video for ‘Hanging By A Thread’ which features vocalist Natalie Foster.

The video was created by Sydney production company Entropico and directed by Sydney-based photographer, videographer and film director EVO.Director EVO commented; “The concept was a riff on Elk Road’s single artwork – jagged rock formations in hyper colour. The video is a play between the human body and the natural landscape. It’s about escapism and escape – with a creepy twist. I wanted it to sensual, tactile and weird.”

On the video Elk Road remarks; “Amazing to see an artistic interpretation of my track, love the choreography and life the dancers brought to it, and particularly loved the colour schemes throughout. Fantastic!” Watch the clip below

[embedvideo id=”GJFmhvyf2V0″ website=”youtube”]