“On the Spot” – Channel [V] Guerilla Gigs: The Vines live in Sydney Central Station!

Yesterday Thursday May 19 Australian rock band, THE VINES performed in Sydney’s central station thanks to Channel [V] Guerilla Gigs!!!

The audience waited impatient until at 4pm when The Vines arrived like a Hollywood movie in slow motion, instruments on hand and Craig Nicholls smoking, just pure rock n roll style from Eddy avenue. At that moment they were received by a massive applause  by the audience reunited at the top of Central station, tons fans in front and people who was passing by.

The Vines performed 3 acoustic songs: ,”Gimme Love” ,”Black Dragon” and “Future Primitive” from their latest album Future Primitive that will be officially released in June by Sony music. After the gig the band stop for a while to meet fans, sign some autographs and take some pictures.

If you want to check The Vines new gig, don’t miss The Vines live at the Chapel presented by Russian Standard Vodka happening next week at St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Newtown on Thursday 26th May! For more information click here.

Here enjoy some postcards of the venue below:

[V] Guerilla Gigs can happen with any artist, anywhere, anytime. Channel [V] has toured the country with the likes of the Ting Tings, Good Charlotte, Washington and Grinspoon.

[V] Guerilla Gigs are an unique experience…Check the one we covered “On The Spot” with Short Stack when they won the Channel [V] artist of the year