Channel [V] & Andrew Stockdale hit Bondi Beach for [V] Guerilla Gig

Channel [V] hit the sand yesterday afternoon with ruler of rock, Andrew Stockdale, to bring Australia’s most iconic beach a [V] Guerilla Gig to celebrate the release of his new album.

The former Wolfmother frontman took over the Bondi Pavilion at Bondi Beach in Sydney on the eve of the release of Keep Moving – Andrew Stockdale’s first self-produced studio album under his own name. For the uninitiated, [V] Guerilla Gigs are free, pop up music events – live performances when [and where] you least expect it.

email [V] Guerilla Gig Andrew Stockdale 03_Photographer Oliver MinnettThe Grammy Award winner served up an awesome performance as fans got to hear a taste of the new material before the album is released today and launched at The Metro Theatre in Sydney tonight. Stockdale, flanked by his band, performed a number of songs from Keep Moving including ‘Let Somebody Love You’ as well as the current single, ‘Long Way To Go’. He also treated the crowd to Wolfmother favourite ‘Woman’.

Channel [V] has brought you a load of [V] Guerilla Gigs with the likes of Good Charlotte in Adelaide, Ed Sheeran and Boy and Bear in Sydney, Adam Lambert in Melbourne, Children Collide in Geelong, Faker in Launceston and even Plan B in Paris, plus heaps more. We’ve toured the country [and beyond] with the cream of the crop of Australian artists and some massive international acts to surprise you with these random, impromptu and unforgettable gigs.

[V] Guerilla Gigs bring the music to the fans and are memorable music experiences for those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Stay alert because more [V] Guerilla Gigs are planned for the next couple of months. For clues on where the next one will be, head to and like Channel [V] on Facebook.

Highlights from [V] Guerilla Gig: Andrew Stockdale will be on-air and online at Channel [V] from next week.

Andrew Stockdale’s Keep Moving is out now. / /