Buckcherry “F#ck” EP Review

Californian rock stars Buckcherry delve into their punk rock roots and have given us a taste of what’s to come for their album to be released later this year with their latest six-track EP. A censored label is definitely in need for the language used within this record as they “give tribute to our favourite four letter word”.

Buckcherry-fuck-epThe title track Somebody F#cked With Me, gives a Rage Against The Machine vibe with the use of a gritty vocal effects, angst fuelled lyrics, short repeated riffs and a heavy but slow beat. It’s a head-banger and gives a great insight as to what to expect for the most part of the record.

The second track shows a renamed/ slightly rewritten cover of Icona Pop’s hit song, I love it (changed to Say F#ck It) which personally let this Ep down. The musicianship of the epic guitar lick in the chorus and the athematic vocals was the only thing that saved this cover.

An honourable mention to the fifth track It’s A F#cking Disaster (our personal favourite), to begin with slows down to a deep drum beat and ambient guitar riff then goes back into their hard-hitting style with an epic guitar solo to turn this track into the hard-hitting punk vibe to return to true Buckcherry style.

This EP was filled with guitar driven songs with hard-hitting beats and catchy lyrics, even with an appearance from Minor Threats guitarist Brian Baker for the final track. If you’re really in need to get out some aggression but also want to dance, this EP is definitely for you. I’ve never heard so much swearing in one collection of songs but it works. They should maybe reconsider calling themselves F#ckcherry.