Atreyu ‘Long Live’ Album Review

Metalcore legends Atreyu are finally back with a full length LP after a hiatus commencing in 2011, and boy are they back! After a string of shows with Soundwave this year- they gave us a taste of what we’ve been missing out on as Long Live is an explosive album with that traditional Atreyu sound that fans have come to know and love with 13 whole new tracks!

The entire album creates a pretty linear sound with one head banging hit after the other. It is so refreshing to hear a band stick to their original sound after such a long time.

Title track Long Live starts off the album with a beat that gets your heart racing.

If this album is anything, it is a guitar solo, gang vocal, catchy melody extravaganza! Epic licks been showcased throughout Long Live, Live to Labor, Do You Know Who You Are? – Just to name a few, and that’s not even half way through the album. Have your air guitar ready and waiting for whenever you listen to this album!

One track that really took our attention is I Would Kill / Lie / Die (For You). Unable to place our finger on what has drawn us towards this track, it is absolutely fantastic. It goes through all the emotions in a space of 4 minutes.

A Bitter Broken Memory is a track with a bit of a The Amity Affliction vibe to it, it’s definitely one of our top track throughout this album. The lyrics hit home hard I’m sure for many people.

Long Live has given 2015 its modern emo fix that our hearts have been yearning for!

Buy  Long Live  from September 18th!