Alecia Moore + Dallas Green join forces to create folk duo!

So what do Alecia Moore and Dallas Green have in common? It seems a lot…

Alecia Moore (aka Pink) and Dallas Green ( known as City and Color) have announced today a new collaboration called You+Me and a new album entitled rose ave., which is set to be released on October 10th.

The artists met through Alecia’s husband Carey Hart and instantly felt a connection and wanted to work together. Alecia invited Dallas to Los Angeles to write a song or two and ended up writing 8 songs together in 1 week. The duo then decided to finish and record an album.

While initially finding the idea of Dallas Green and Alecia Moore collaborating as a strange pairing, after listening to the track ‘You and Me’, all my reservations about this were gone, they sound incredible together.  Check it out below

[embedvideo id=”nNnBcCk7eDA” website=”youtube”]

rose ave. Track Listing

01 Capsized

02 From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)

03 Gently

04 Love Gone Wrong

05 You And Me

06 Unbeliever

07 Second Guess

08 Break The Cycle

09 Open Door

10 No Ordinary Love