Album Review: Sunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die

UK/Australian band Sunset Sons have had an incredible 12 months from touring with the likes of Imagine Dragons and working on their debut record ‘Very Rarely Say Die’, which is out now.

Sunset Sons Very Rarely Say DieAs soon as the album starts with ‘Know My Name‘ their trademark sound is instantly made clear with its relaxed laid back vibe that remains consistent throughout the album. This is no surprise, seeing as though the band  started out as a bunch of surfers who loved making music,  that influence is also heavily heard on tracks ‘Gold’ and ‘Lost Company’. The calming attributes of the album is because a lot of the songs off the album are centred on the idea of ‘escapism’, according to drummer Jed. He adds “Not escapism as in running away so much as seeking new experiences. Which I guess is what we’ve always done. It’s about living life as one long adventure.”

Early comparisons of Kings of Leon and the Chili Peppers are most obvious on tracks ‘Tick Tok’ and ‘She Wants’ because of its rock heavy influences and guitar driven melodies. Rock influences as such are consistent throughout the album but are continuously blended with pop and funk sensibilities.

One of the highlights on this record is lead vocalists Rory Williams’s raspy vocal tone, it’s both commanding and captivating from start to finish but particularly on the last track ‘I Can’t Wait’ – a smooth piano ballad that perfectly wraps up their album.

With a mixture of laid back pop melodies meets rock and soul influences, Sunset Sons’ debut album ‘Very Rarely Say Die’ is the perfect soundtrack for a chilled summer by the beach.

Sunset Son’s debut album ‘Very Rarely Say Die’ is out now

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