Album Review: Moose Blood – ‘Blush’

Over the last two years, Canterbury emo-rock band Moose Blood have been creating a lot of buzz among media outlets. Known for their emotionally-tinged sound influences which come from highly acclaimed bands such as The Dangerous Summer and The Wonder Years, there’s evocative streams of mesmerising appeal to Moose Blood’s sophomore record Blush. The songs themselves offer romantic gestures of honest, pure songwriting with heartfelt melodies intricately showcasing Moose Blood’s mark on the world. Compared to what they offered in their debut record I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to TimeMoose Blood aren’t afraid of being bare naked with their feelings and it’s incredibly affirming to see them further leap into something extraordinary with this release in particular.

BlushThe record itself is a mixed bag of all sorts. The first half encompasses catchy tunes which really embody those blossoming guitar and drum patterns echoing flawlessly – a good way to ease in any new listener of Moose Blood’s work. Songs like “Honey” and “Pastel” really drive that infinity of bliss, with warm and bright-eyed noise coming through the band’s delicate yet strong musicianship. Both numbers offer confidence, creating first impressions that will spark anyone who’s curious enough to explore the depth of this record. Unlike their debut record, Moose Blood have cemented an elegant reminder of making alternative rock/emo music have that ‘feel good’ appeal. Think of it like you’re about to embark on your next road trip to an aesthetic place; one preferably with tall and historic mountains with mist that creates an atmosphere of zen and tranquility. Blush makes you feel like you should be on top of a rock surface, overseeing the thousands of trees which stand beneath you.

“Sulk” is another standout track as it’s a slow burner, filled with authenticity of Moose Blood’s songwriting. The atmosphere created revels in a kind of slow-paced form yet you begin to feel hypnotised by its glowing instrumentation; it washes over you like some waterfall you happen to stumble upon while taking a hike somewhere. Going above and beyond what you’d expect, “Shimmer” is another number that fills the soul of any lover of post-rock, with clear influences from names such as Explosions in the Sky and Caspian. It highlights their unafraid nature of taking the necessary creative risks to get to where they wanna be. Overall, Moose Blood are uncovering the depths of what makes their music truly amazing. It’s full of life, leaving you astounded by its underrated aesthetic.

Blush is one of the most consistent and stunning releases Moose Blood have ever managed to deliver as an outfit. With the amount of passion and flawless tones embodied among the tracks, listening to this record is like following an incredible narrative on life’s simple pleasures; there’s never a dull moment found on this outstanding LP and for anyone, that’s surely something to be thankful for.

Blush will be available for release on August 5 via Hopeless Records