Album Review: Maala -‘Composure’

Photo Credit - Jordan Arts

*Photo Credit- Jordan Arts

Evan Sinton,  who goes under the moniker of Maala, is a musician hailing from New Zealand. Having remained relatively enigmatic at the beginning of his career to let his music speak for himself, Sinton is ready to step in the spotlight with his debut album Composure, out now through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

MAALA - ComposureThe album starts with the album’s title track, which has a dark and moody tone layered with the brooding vocals of a young Evan Sinton. The song is a short 1.55 minutes in length and acts as the perfect introduction to what we can expect for the record before it goes onto the slightly more upbeat R&B vibe of ‘Lose Your Love‘. While the R&B influences throughout the record are obvious, there are  some surprising moments of pure pop genius from Maala, particularly on lead single ‘Kind of Love‘ and ‘Hush‘.

A highlight on the record and something Maala does so well is his ability to create these moody/sultry tunes that blend pop and R&B, somewhat becoming the trademark sound of the record. ‘Breathe Out‘ is the perfect example that and is an example of Maala at his absolute best, instantly worth having on repeat and obsessing over.

When we spoke to Sinton about a month earlier, he was working on the final touches of the release which he described as being somewhere between the sound of the lead track ‘Kind Of Love‘ and his self-titled debut EP. Agreeably, that is an accurate description of the sound of the record as a whole but unlike the debut EP, the production of the tracks feels too glossy at times, namely on tracks like ‘Feels So Right‘ as opposed to the edginess of   ‘Higher‘ or ‘Touch‘ off the EP, which is what can be expected since the album sways towards more pop influences than the EP.

Overall, an impressive and solid debut album that perfectly blends pop and R&B to create a body of work that is worthy of your attention.

Maala’s debut album ‘Composure’ is out today

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